Prenatal Massage
Boise, ID

Improve your body’s health, comfort, and adaptability before and after birth

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Experience more joy and less discomfort during pregnancy

Are pain and discomfort robbing you of experiencing the joy and excitement being pregnant can bring? You are not alone. Because even the happiest and healthiest pregnancies are not without their emotional and physical challenges.

Whole Being Massage in Boise specializes in providing safe and effective prenatal massage therapy to relieve common pregnancy discomforts while giving you and your body the support they need. Our customized treatments are appropriate for all stages of your pregnancy (as long as your primary care provider has not advised against it).

Together let’s address the changes your body is going through to help:

  • Alleviate hip, pelvis, and low back pain
  • Reduce sciatic pain
  • Relieve swollen feet and legs
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Alleviate neck and shoulder pain
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Reduce indigestion and acid reflux
  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Decrease restless leg syndrome and cramps
  • Prepare your body for labor

You’ll experience pure bliss being able to lie down comfortably on a heated table while pillows surround and support your body. It’s no surprise most of our expectant moms drift off to sleep during their treatment.

Support for you and your baby trimester by trimester

Massage during pregnancy has been shown to provide other profound benefits for you and your baby – before, during, and after birth.

Promotes healthy oxygen and nutrient supply to your baby at every stage of development

Improves birth outcomes with fewer complications, more full-term births, and healthy birth weights

Speeds recovery time after birth with the added bonuses of better sleep and fewer stretch marks

Experience the benefits of a prenatal massage today

Our certified prenatal massage therapists and bodyworkers are excited to help you feel safe, comfortable, and happy every step of the way.

1st Trimester Massage

(weeks 1-12)
During your first trimester, you can receive massage lying face down (prone), or on your back (supine), as long as you are comfortable.

Pregnancy massage pillows can be used in the prone position if breasts are tender or enlarged. Alternatively, you can always switch to a side-lying position if needed.

2nd Trimester Massage

(weeks 13-22)
During your second trimester, we’ll transition to the side-lying position or you can continue to lie on your back (up to 22 weeks) as long as you are comfortable. We’ll place a pillow under your right hip to facilitate proper blood flow in this position.

Alternatively, you can always switch to a semi-reclined position if it’s more comfortable than lying on your back.

3rd Trimester Massage

(weeks 23+)
After 22 weeks, you’ll be in side-lying and semi-reclined positions. The semi-reclined position is also called the “Queen Bee.”

Most moms feel like they are floating on a cloud when receiving a massage in their third trimester, as their back, arms, and legs are completely supported by pillows.

Self-care is as important after as it is before birth

Ever heard of the “fourth trimester” of pregnancy?

Considered the first 3-4 months after birth, during this period both you and your new little one experience so many changes.

Your body is recovering after 9 months of change and one of life’s most intense experiences mothers encounter, birth.

You’re trying to find your new normal while you’re simultaneously taking care of (and perhaps breastfeeding) a newborn. You’re not sleeping well from ever-changing feeding and diaper schedules. Your body aches from holding and carrying your baby, car seat, and more.

Postpartum massage helps address these physical discomforts while providing you with rest, emotional support, and time to decompress from the pressures of new motherhood. And if you’re a nursing mom, our breast support pillow allows you to experience complete comfort during your session.

To book a postpartum massage, select any of our bodywork sessions, and just let us know when you schedule that it’s a postpartum session.

Whole Being Team

“Marisa was AMAZING. I’m so glad I treated myself to a prenatal massage this pregnancy. It was honestly the best massage I’ve ever had in my life. Wow. Will be back ASAP.”

Kristen E

“Just had prenatal massage with John and I’ve never experienced such a soothing and kind experience! He was beyond knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed. My baby was kicking the whole time and my body feels the best it has my entire pregnancy. 100% recommended and will go back!”

Amanda F

“Had an absolutely wonderful prenatal massage. Probably the most comfortable I’ve been in 9 months of pregnancy. I hope to go again after the baby is born and would highly recommend to one and all!”
Hillary B

Prenatal Massage


75 Minutes: $125


75 Minutes: $125


75 Minutes: $125


75 Minutes: $125

The best way to take care of your baby is to take care of yourself.

Prenatal massage is a fantastic way to prepare for your new or expanded role – whether it’s your first, third, or fifth time. Today is the perfect time to start.

“Went for a prenatal massage and left feeling absolutely amazing. Victoria was kind, welcoming and took her time to really work on the areas I explained were bothering me. I am 36 weeks pregnant and haven’t felt that relaxed in a few months. Will definitely be returning postpartum!”
Audrey L

“I’ve seen Marisa for prenatal massage a few times and it has been wonderful! She is really flexible if you want more or less deep tissue. She is very adaptive to what kind of massage you want or need!”

Marianne J

“I am 31 weeks pregnant and was recently in a rear-end collision. I haven’t really been sleeping and I’ve been achy. I left my massage so relaxed and comfortable. I was actually able to rest more! Can’t wait to come back.”
Erin S

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prenatal Massage The Same As Therapeutic Massage?

Yes and No.

Many of the same massage techniques are used to address muscle tension, improve circulation, and help you relax. However, the position you lay in will vary based on how far along you are in your pregnancy.

We ask that you book a prenatal massage if you are pregnant, along with letting us know how far along you are. This way we can be prepared with the perfect pillows and props to use for your session.

The slightly longer 75-minute length of our prenatal sessions also gives us just the right amount of time to allow for position changes and to address any specific concerns you may have.

What Position Do I Lay In For A Massage During Pregnancy?

The position you’re in during your massage is dependent on the stage of your pregnancy and what is most comfortable for you. We use a variety of pregnancy pillows to keep you comfortable at each stage.

1st Trimester you can receive a massage while lying on your back or your side.

2nd Trimester you’ll transition to a side-lying position. If it’s comfortable you can continue to lay on your back (up to 22 weeks) with a pillow supporting your right hip or alternatively choose a semi-reclined position.

3rd Trimester you’ll be in a side-lying and semi-reclined position.

How Early Can I Get A Prenatal Massage?

It’s never too early to get prenatal massage therapy unless your doctor has advised differently. We customize each session based on the stage of your pregnancy to keep you comfortable and your baby safe.

What Massage Therapists Offer Prenatal Massage?

Please refer to our pricing and details to see what therapists currently offer couples massage.

Are Foot Massages Ok During Pregnancy?

When performed by a certified professional, foot massage during pregnancy can be done safely to help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and provide pain relief.

How Long Is A Prenatal Massage?

Pregnancy massage sessions are 75 minutes.

We’ve found 75-minute sessions to be the sweet spot to keep pregnant moms comfortable. We occasionally offer 90-minute prenatal massages upon request.

Is Prenatal Massage Offered In Couples Massage Sessions?

Yes. Most of our massage and bodywork therapies can be booked as part of a couples massage. When booking online, just let us know in the notes that you want a prenatal massage.

Self care to help you recover and enhance your health.