Massage Treatment Plans
Boise, ID

For athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, musicians, and more

Healthy foundations for a lifelong journey doing what you love

Do nagging injuries and pain (recent or chronic) hinder your performance and the joy you feel when pursuing your life’s passion?

If you’re an aspiring athlete striving for peak performance, an adventurer seeking relief from the strains of the great outdoors, or a musician looking to harmonize your body with your art – we’ve meticulously crafted treatment plans just for you.

Our tailored approach will address your unique requirements and goals to rejuvenate your journey
and support a lifetime of doing what you love.

Explore our customized massage treatment plans below or contact us to learn more today.


We love helping our athletic clients figure out what’s contributing to chronic injuries or pinpointing the cause of new ones.

We help get you back to full health as quickly as possible while working to maintain your flexibility and resilience.

  • Prevent injuries
  • Perform your best
  • Recover from training more efficiently

“Sports massage for athletes in Boise, Idaho, is a big passion of ours. Based on our professional and personal experience, we know recurring injuries can be prevented with the right support.”

Owners, Gwen and Jason, with their children

Outdoor Enthusiasts

As an outdoor enthusiast, getting fresh air and moving your body in nature is more important to you than ever. We understand because we’re outdoor junkies too.

We help you maintain your fitness and health while protecting your body from the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. 

  • Reach new milestones
  • Exceed your personal goals
  • Explore more in nature

“We believe connecting with nature and moving our bodies with focused breathwork will be the renaissance of healthy living today and for our future generations.”

Owners, Gwen and Jason, with their children

Musicians & Creatives

As a musician, Jason worked closely with Dustin Silva (co-author of Anatomy of Guitar Playing). Together through observation they helped each other correct bad habits that led to better health and technique.

We can do the same for you to help you out of your pain and create a healthy long-term relationship with your passion.

  • Discover good playing technique
  • Improve ergonomics and posture
  • Alleviate pain and discomfort

“We believe that longevity for your passion comes through objectivity, reflection, mindfulness, and a focus on health.”

Not an athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or musician?

Good news! There’s a treatment plan for you too.

Similar to our other assessments, as you encounter repetitive motion at work on the computer, during hobbies such as pottery, etc. we can observe posture, ergonomics, and technique, to uncover habits that may be contributing to your discomfort or injury.

Get out of pain and discover your potential – without limits.

Address recurring injury, discomfort, or chronic pain as part of a strategic series of massage treatments. Protect your long-term health and live your passion.

“As a Physical Therapist, I have high expectations from my massage therapists to know their anatomy, have a variety of techniques and good assessment skills to plan the massage for that session. Jason did not disappoint and exceeded expectations with a thorough Q&A. Excellent communication on methods and gifted with all techniques. Highly recommended!”

Lisa A

“As an active Senior it’s not easy staying in good condition and staying out of pain. I can’t say enough about the amazing massage work that I receive when visiting Jason. He is the best masseuse I’ve ever been to. His deep tissue work on my neck and upper back has been transformational to my health and well being. I did not realize going in that his knowledge and technique would also help with my migraines? I feel so fortunate to have found Jason!”

Wayne B

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Treatment Plan In Massage?

A treatment plan includes a roadmap detailing the number of sessions, duration of treatment sessions, time between appointments, and specific therapies and techniques to address your desired goals.

Each treatment plan is strategically designed around specific objectives and the path required to progress you toward reaching them.

What Specialties And Techniques Are Included In Treatment Plans?

After completing an assessment during your first visit, we’ll customize a treatment plan that incorporates a variety of specialties and techniques such as:

  • Myofascial release
  • Cupping
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Heat and ice therapy
  • Isolated stretching
  • Deep tissue massage
  • And more!

With an emphasis on communication to achieve your goals.

How Is A Treatment Plan Different Than A Single Massage Session?

A treatment plan differs significantly from a single massage session in its purpose and structure as it creates a strategic partnership between you and your massage therapist.

It’s a commitment to progress and improve over several sessions, with each session building upon the previous to achieve a desired goal. Appointments are strategically spaced to allow for progressive improvement and long-lasting results.

Individual sessions, on the other hand, may not be aligned with a specific objective beyond immediate relaxation.

Self care to help you recover and enhance your health.