Our Story


Welcome to Whole Being Massage, a massage practice dedicated to supporting your health and well-being through holistic, personalized bodywork.

We are a diverse group of bodyworkers from different backgrounds with a shared passion for making a difference in the lives of our clients, a deep curiosity about the workings of the human body, and a commitment to exploring new modalities and refining our skills and knowledge.

We help our clients manage chronic pain and stress, recover from accidents and injuries, and perform at their highest level in sports and everyday activities.

Regular massage can be a cornerstone of self-care and a catalyst for making positive changes in your life. Massage has been shown to help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, increase serotonin and endorphins, promote deeper breathing and better sleep, improve immune function, foster a positive body image, and accelerate post-workout and injury recovery.

We feel there has never been a better time to experience the benefits of massage therapy.

Whole Being Team
Owners, Gwen and Jason, with their children

Where It All Began

Gwen and Jason have been partners in love and life since 2012 and navigating business together since 2014, when Gwen started her own massage practice, with Jason as her webmaster, graphic designer, and emotional support person.

In 2017, we made the huge leap of moving with our two kids, then seven and nine, across state lines from California to Oregon to make a new life for our family. It was then that Jason decided to take the plunge and go to massage school, a possibility that had been in the back of his mind for years. Meanwhile, Gwen traversed the ups and downs of starting her practice over from scratch in a new place. In 2019, Jason joined the practice officially as a licensed massage therapist and we opened our own studio later that year.

In the summer of 2020, amidst local and global upheaval, the winds of change blew us here to Boise, Idaho, where we’re very happy to be putting down roots. We love the river, biking the Green Belt, the beautiful skies, the big parks and trees, the safe and friendly downtown, and the abundant backpacking and camping opportunities nearby.

We opened our studio here in December of 2020. In July 2021, we finally tied the knot and solidified our partnership. At the end of 2021, we were blessed with the opportunity to expand our studio and grow our team.

We are incredibly grateful for the love and support we have felt here in the Treasure Valley and we look forward to serving the community for years to come.

Our Mission

We strive to improve the quality of our clients’ lives through holistic, personalized bodywork. We believe in investing in individual health and well-being as a starting point for positive change, both personally and on a larger scale. We do our best to meet each client where they are, hold a welcoming and accepting space, and address each person’s specific needs and goals. We pride ourselves on being the most caring and professional therapists we can be and wish to help as many people as possible here in Boise, Idaho.

Meet Your Massage Practitioners


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Jason Ardiles




John Ropp




David Hysell



Client Testimonials

“Gwen was able to get me in to see Jason on short notice. I was experiencing neck pain from sleeping like a cat. Jason was patient, professional and communicative. He gave great suggestions and although I was nervous about having a massage and then traveling later that day, I realized I was ultimately more relaxed during my travels. The spa was clean and pleasant. I’ll be back for more regular massages.”

Karye Rae

Gwen is the best massage therapist ever! She excels in professional demeanor while being warm and personable. She is skilled and highly trained in several methods to address different health needs, and her office is attractive, comfortable, and clean.

Katharine Golden

HANDS DOWN the most zen and relaxing place. I have been to get massages in California, Colorado and Arizona and this is by far, the most in tune and nourishing for soul and body. I booked a lymphatic massage with Gwen. It was as if she read my mind and knew exactly which areas I needed work. I was extremely stressed and unsure about my graduate courses in the fall, yet this was exactly what I needed. I left feeling on cloud 9! Do not go anywhere else. Go HERE. WOW!!

Kate Ana

Easily one of the best massages I’ve ever had! I had the signature therapeutic massage, the hot towels and hand/foot treatment were AMAZING. Gwen is super knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable immediately. I felt immediate relief from the back pain I had been experiencing. The entire experience was the perfect combination of deep pressure/muscle work and relaxation. I will definitely be back!

Stephanie Reiling

Gwen did an amazing job! I've never had a deep tissue style massage before and it didn't disappoint! Gwen was very professional and I'm feeling the best I've felt in months. I will definitely be making Gwen's services part of my recuperation process in the future!

Bear Newman

Gwen did an amazing job! I've never had a deep tissue style massage before and it didn't disappoint! Gwen was very professional and I'm feeling the best I've felt in months. I will definitely be making Gwen's services part of my recuperation process in the future!

Bear Newman