Lymph Drainage Therapy
Boise, ID

Improve energy, immune response, and much more

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Experience the transformative power of a lymph drainage treatment

Do you struggle with sluggish digestion, persistent fatigue, brain fog, or frequent headaches? Or maybe your allergies in Idaho are in constant overdrive and you’re desperate to find relief.

These are all signs your lymphatic system is asking for help.

It’s people like you we can’t wait to introduce to lymph drainage. A gentle, but powerful therapy that uses subtle strokes to encourage, amplify, and direct the natural flow of lymph (fluid) throughout your body – eliminating toxins, metabolic waste, and excess fluid.

  • Reduce swelling (edema)
  • Relieve inflammation & skin conditions
  • Reduce headaches & sinus congestion
  • Encourage tissue repair & healing
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve nutrient absorption & digestion
  • Enhance detoxification
  • Promote relaxation & well-being
  • And more

But the benefits don’t stop there. At Whole Being Massage in Boise, we specialize in two lymph drainage therapies – general and advanced. If you’re facing more complex or mysterious health issues that go beyond the scope of a general lymph session, book the advanced lymph drainage and brain therapy designed just for you.

During your session, an expert therapist will work with the lymphatic vessels, pathways, and connective tissue to improve circulation where your body needs it most.

A congested lymphatic system can lead to an array of health concerns

As the body’s key system responsible for collecting and removing harmful toxins, pathogens, and excess fluid,
the lymphatic system plays a critical role in the function of nearly every system in your body.

By recognizing and prioritizing the importance of a healthy lymphatic system, you can take proactive steps to support its function and protect your overall health.

Pre and Post Surgery

Lymph drainage is recommended 48-72 hours prior to surgery and as soon as 24-48 hours post-op, with physician approval.

Pre-surgery – detoxifies and prepares the tissue, decreases swelling, stimulates the immune system, and promotes a cleaner surgical site.

Post-surgery – aids in detoxification, prevents infection, alleviates pain and spasms, decreases swelling, increases circulation, and improves healing.

Seasonal Allergies
Allergies are your body’s reactions to harmless substances in your environment (such as pollen) – triggering an inflammatory response.

Lymph drainage therapy promotes the circulation and filtration of lymph fluid, which in turn helps regulate the immune system and moderate its response to allergens in your environment.

Immune System Health
If you want a healthier immune system and deeper relaxation than what you get from traditional massage or other lymphatic work, lymph drainage is a great option.

Promoting the circulation of healthy fluid throughout your lymphatic system enhances the transport of immune cells responsible for strengthening your body’s defense mechanisms and reducing the risk of infection.

Lymph Drainage even provides a natural “facelift” effect.

Flushing excess fluid and trapped waste leaves your skin with a more firm, toned, and radiant appearance.

Advanced lymph drainage and brain therapy for complex health issues

Have you found yourself at a crossroads with specific, complicated, or mysterious health conditions? Our advanced lymph drainage and brain therapy could be the turning point you’ve been looking for.

This specialized treatment combines a targeted approach, addressing not just the lymphatic system but also the brain, cranial bones, membranes, organs, joints, ligaments, and the nervous system – making it an ideal choice for conditions such as: hormone imbalance, autoimmune disorders, chronic migraines, complex PTSD, long COVID, and so much more.

Therapy that goes beyond mere symptom relief

Still wondering if lymph drainage therapy can help you? The answer is yes, it can!

It is beneficial for both immediate relief and long-term health.

Lymph work continues working long after your session ends. As your body maintains enhanced lymph flow for 24-48 hours after a treatment, you’ll often wake up feeling significantly better or with improved symptoms the next day. Remarkably, even a single treatment can boost your lymphatic system’s efficiency for weeks after your session.

With continued treatments, additional areas of fluid stagnation can be addressed to further support a healthy lymphatic system which can improve how you look and feel overall.

Whole Being Team

“I had a Lymphatic Drainage Massage yesterday, it was definitely the best one I’ve ever had in my life. Gwen and her whole team at Whole Being Massage are amazing. They all know what they’re doing, and you can feel that they do it with a lot of knowledge and love. I sure recommend this place.”

Juliana C

“I had a wonderful experience with a lymphatic massage from Gwen to help with some detoxing. It was so powerful. Deeply relaxing and ended with a deep tissue massage since I booked a longer session. Gwen’s ability to go from the subtle touch of lymphatic work to deep tissue was so fluid and natural. The light touch of the lymphatic work reminded me of butterflies resting on my skin, gently opening and closing their wings. So healing and sweet.”

Emily R

“I had my first appointment with Gwen for Advanced Lymph Drainage and Brain Therapy! I have chronic migraines and headaches. It was absolutely amazing and worth every penny!! I will be going back next month!! I feel great!! I can’t wait to go back!! Thank you so much!!”

Lynette S

Lymph Drainage


Advanced Lymph & Brain Therapy

75 Minutes: $165
90 Minutes: $195
120 Minutes: $255


Lymph Drainage Therapy

60 Minutes: $120
75 Minutes: $145
90 Minutes: $170
120 Minutes: $220


Manual Lymph Drainage

60 Minutes: $120
75 Minutes: $145
90 Minutes: $170
120 Minutes: $220

Boost your immune system, energy, and health.

Give yourself the relief and revitalization you need. Book now and discover the difference it can make in your health today.

“I’ve gotten massages from both Gwen and Marisa now and I am absolutely in love with this space and their team. I’m the least inflamed I’ve been in my entire 20s. I’ve only been 3 times and I see and feel SUCH a difference. I can’t thank these gals enough. They’ve given me hope in my healing journey again!! I’m so grateful for finding this space and all the wonderful things it has to offer! Can’t wait to keep coming back!”

Carly T

“Gwen does lymphatic massage for me and it has been a huge benefit in overcoming long covid, autoimmune issues, and restoring my health and vitality. She is very patient and intuitive in working with my body. I highly recommend her!”

Rebecca J

“I’ve had a couple of lymphatic massages with Gwen. She is amazing and extremely knowledgeable! While many benefits come from lymphatic massage, my most surprising result has been finally gaining my smell back. Despite many efforts after having COVID-19, I never gained my smell back. I’m extremely grateful and am excited to continue with lymphatic massage sessions.”

Jonelle F

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the lymphatic system work?

Comprised of lymph nodes, ducts, vessels, and lymphatic fluid, it functions hand-in-hand with the cardiovascular system to filter and return fluid to the heart.

Excess fluid in your body’s tissue is collected by small lymph capillaries and then filtered by the lymph nodes before being returned to the cardiovascular system (via the thoracic duct).
However, unlike the heart, the lymphatic system does not have a central pump to circulate fluid – making it easy for lymphatic circulation to become stagnant with inactivity, illness, or injury.
Movement of lymph is dependent on one-way valves and tiny spiral muscles located inside the larger vessels, along with the capillary (or suction) action and contraction of your diaphragm and skeletal muscles when you breathe and move.

What chronic conditions can benefit from lymphatic therapy?

While lymphatic drainage can provide pain relief for a variety of chronic conditions and symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lipedema are commonly treated using this type of therapy.

By decreasing tissue-fluid stagnation and inhibiting overactive pain receptors, this treatment is able to offer a holistic solution to help manage and alleviate pain.

What are the symptoms of a poorly functioning lymphatic system?

Swollen, tender lymph nodes are a sure sign your lymphatic system is overworked and asking for help. Pain, stiffness, sinus congestion, puffiness, and even tiredness are all signs too.

Additionally, if you’re stressed, injured, recovering from illness or surgery, or just experiencing the natural signs of aging, chances are your lymphatic system may not be functioning optimally and could benefit from some assistance.

Are there risks associated with receiving lymph drainage treatments?

No. But while treatment is generally considered very safe, there are a few conditions in which lymphatic work may not be recommended for you, such as: heart conditions, kidney failure, blot clots, or infection.

If you have any medical concerns it’s always recommended to speak with your health provider first.

Are there side effects I may experience after a lymphatic session?

Sometimes people can experience general detox symptoms after your session, similar to after a massage (headache, soreness, fatigue, etc.). We recommend staying hydrated – drinking water both before and after your treatment.

If you’re someone who has a high toxic load or a very sensitive system, it’s best to start with shorter sessions to see how your body responds.

Does lymphatic work hurt? What does it feel like?

No. In fact most people find the gentle, rhythmic strokes of lymph drainage extremely relaxing. Many either fall asleep or drop into a state of deep relaxation.

Lymph drainage activates your parasympathetic response (“rest and digest”) and diminishes the sympathetic response (“fight or flight”), so your body can rest and heal.

Is lymph drainage good for children?

Absolutely. This work is wonderful for children and can help with many common childhood ailments and complaints, such as allergies, frequent colds, sinus infections, skin irritations, anxiety, and sleep issues.

Self care to help you recover and enhance your health.