Far Infrared Sauna

Heat therapy to enhance the benefits of your bodywork session

Couple in Whole Bing Massage's sauna

Far Infrared Sauna Pricing

25 Minutes: $35
Couples 25 Minutes: $50

50 Minutes: $50
Couples 50 Minutes: $65

With Massage:
25 Minutes: $20
Couples 25 Minutes: $35

*When booking a sauna session online, be sure to select the sauna first, then add your bodywork session.

Experience an infrared sauna with your next massage. Schedule your sauna session thirty minutes before your massage start time. When you arrive, we will give you a basket with a robe and towel and show you to the sauna room. We invite you to change into the robe and relax in the sauna for 20 minutes. Feel free to use the towel on the sauna seat or after the sauna if you need to dry off.

Our sauna is a walk-in cabin sauna, big enough for two people, and complete with Bluetooth music and chromotherapy (color therapy). We recommend a temperature between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You are free to adjust the temperature and/or step in and out of the sauna, as needed. Help yourself to water and tea. When your sauna time is up, place your clothes in the basket and carry the basket with you to your treatment room, where your practitioner will meet you for your session.


How Far Infrared Works

Far infrared rays are long, invisible light waves. While infrared light may be invisible to the naked eye, it is extremely important in our everyday lives due to its therapeutic effects. Infrared therapy is used in a variety of forms, with infrared saunas being one of the most popular. The benefits of infrared heat therapy include improved circulation, pain and stress relief, and enhanced cellular health.

The longer wavelength of infrared light allows it to penetrate up to seven centimeters beneath the surface of your skin to your deeper tissues, so it can heat your whole body. Infrared waves cause the water molecules in your tissues to vibrate, the vibrations generate heat, leading you to warm up internally and eventually sweat. Compared to conductive heat, which only heats the surface of your skin, this type of radiant heat allows more thorough warming at lower temperatures, allowing you to experience the benefits of heat therapy more quickly, safely, and comfortably.

General Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

Infrared heat therapy can aid in muscle recovery, relieve muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and soreness, and even treat Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Infrared saunas have been proven to help treat body aches, as well as chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other inflammatory conditions.

Infrared waves promote relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, while the radiant heat helps to release tight muscles and relieve tension throughout the body, allowing you to relax and de-stress. Case studies of infrared heat therapy show long-term stress reduction with regular use, measured by reduced blood cortisol levels and changes in brain and heart waves. Far infrared has also been shown to alleviate depression and insomnia by increasing the neurotransmitter serotonin and decreasing oxidative stress.

Infrared heat can help accelerate wound healing by boosting cell regeneration and your immune system. Infrared saunas promote collagen growth and healing in the dermal and epidermal layers of your skin, as well as overall cellular health, helping you look and feel your best.

Far Infrared for Athletes

The heat from the sauna promotes cellular health by stimulating the mitochondria of your cells. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, meaning they produce all the energy our cells need to stay alive and maintain metabolism. Heat exposure increases the energetic needs of the mitochondria which causes them to respond by using oxygen in your blood more efficiently. This is especially beneficial for athletes looking to improve their performance. Heat exposure for six days has been shown to increase mitochondrial function by 28% and two saunas a week for three weeks increased runners’ endurance by 32%.

Athletes also benefit from improved recovery time and less muscle soreness and fatigue, as well as faster repair of damaged tissue, along with better cardiovascular performance.

Benefits for Cardiovascular Health
Far infrared heat improves circulation and cardiovascular health primarily by increasing nitric oxide production. Your peripheral blood vessels also dilate as heat goes through your body, increasing circulation and reducing blood pressure. Studies in elderly patients show that sauna use has a protective effect against cardiovascular disease. Far infrared sauna use also appears to counteract ischemia (reduced blood flow) by promoting angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) and increasing blood flow. A study conducted in Finland over a period of 20 years found that increased sauna use resulted in decreased heart disease in men. Long-term studies show that regular sauna use decreases mortality from all causes.
Far Infrared for Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions
There is promising evidence that far infrared sauna use can be helpful in managing type 1 diabetes by reducing oxidative stress and regulating blood glucose levels. Infrared therapy has benefits for many other wide-ranging conditions, including phantom limb syndrome and chronic kidney disease. Infrared heat therapy is effective in relieving pain in patients with chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.
Experience the Benefits of Far Infrared Today

It used to be thought that it took several weeks to experience the benefits of infrared therapy, but new research shows that you can experience benefits after just five minutes of use.

We invite you to experience an infrared sauna with your next massage. We encourage all our clients to add a 20-minute sauna session before their massage. Not only will you get all the benefits of infrared heat therapy, by letting your mind and body start to relax and allowing your muscles and connective tissue to warm up in the sauna, you will get even more benefit from your massage.

Throughout history, heat has been used in ceremony and ritual to help release and process emotions, promote communal bonding, and attain mental clarity and vision for the future. The Infrared Sauna is a modern way to carry on this ancient human tradition.

Self care to help you recover and enhance your health.