Whether it’s a hot bath after a long day (or in the middle of it) or a cold plunge in the middle of summer, water has an almost magical power to make us feel better.

Recently, I overdid it a bit. The previous week had been the busiest week I’d had at work in a couple of months. Then, over the weekend, my friend introduced me to an intense yoga practice that was essentially 90 minutes of deep breathing, squats, and repetitive arm movements, along with chanting and visualization (it was awesome). I was feeling good, but a bit sore, going into Monday and was looking forward to my scheduled massage from the hubs, knowing that I needed it. I try to follow my own advice and get a massage every two weeks – before I end up injuring myself or getting to the point where I’m wishing I could switch places with my clients on the table! Jason ended up getting booked up and my message didn’t happen.

The next morning, just standing in front of my bathroom mirror, I felt my rhomboids tweak out and send a sharp pain up the right side of my neck. A full day of clients that day plus stressing about our SEO plus the sudden cold snap plus a grouchy pre-teen at home didn’t help. By Wednesday morning, after a restless and uncomfortable night’s sleep, I was feeling stiff, sore, cold, tired, cranky, stressed, and generally kind of miserable. So, I decided to make time for a hot bath in the middle of the day, threw half a Mathair Earth bath bomb in my tub, had a good soak, washed my face, and felt so much more human.

My point with all this is – if you’re feeling run-down, sore, and stressed, get a massage before you tweak a muscle or get sick and are down for the count. And, if you can’t get a massage – or even if you do – take a hot bath – it can do wonders for your body and your soul!

The change of seasons is an especially good time to slow down and give yourself some extra self-care to support your body through the transitioning weather.

What is your favorite way to take some time for yourself and replenish your energy? How do you experience the healing power of water in your life? Do you love the transition to cooler weather or do you find it challenging?