Therapeutic Massage Boise ID

Therapeutic Massage Boise ID

Finding the right place for a therapeutic massage in Boise, ID, can be a daunting task. Whole Being Massage is a licensed, reputed, and highly sought-after spa and massage center for sarga bodywork, cupping therapy, trigger point therapy, and lymph drainage therapy.

Are there any risks to getting a massage?

You have nothing to worry about as long as you get your massage therapy from a licensed therapist. Only choosing an inexperienced or untrained masseuse can lead to health complications in some cases. Also, individuals with bleeding disorders, burns, healing wounds, infections, or deep vein thrombosis should speak to their doctor before signing up for massage therapy with a Boise masseuse.

Besides, if you are pregnant, have cancer, or suffer from chronic pain conditions, consult your doctor before coming to our Boise massage therapists for a session.

What can I expect during a massage?

A massage therapy session should be a stress-free and relaxing experience and does not require any special preparation. The therapist will ask you about the symptoms you're experiencing and question you about your medical history.

The expert will then educate you on the available services, the techniques they will use, and the benefits you to expect after the session. A typical massage therapy session will require you to undress and get into loose-fitting clothing. You will then lie on a table, cover yourself with a sheet, and lie down with your face placed on a built-in recess in the massage table. If you do not wish to undress or lie down, you can receive your massage therapy fully clothed while sitting in a chair. The session can last for anywhere between 10 - 90 minutes or more, depending on the procedure you're getting.

How can therapeutic massage therapy help?

Massage therapy involves pressing the soft tissues using fingers, hands, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet. With so many variations of massage therapy, you can easily find a form that helps you manage pain conditions, enjoy deep relaxation, and unwind after a busy week. Some of the benefits of trauma-healing massage therapy include:

  1. Stress relief

Massage therapy is excellent to bust the stress and rejuvenate yourself physically and psychologically. The procedure increases the production of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine in your brain, also known as the feel-good chemicals. Not to mention, regular sessions can reduce cortisol levels, heart rate, and blood pressure.

  1. Reduces anxiety

Most people experience a heightened sense of elation after a massage therapy session. Several studies conclude that massage therapy can act as a corrective treatment for those suffering from deep anxiety. One study on women with breast cancer suggests that individuals who receive regular massage therapy enjoy improved mental wellness and emotional stability.

  1. Alleviates muscle tension

Signing up for therapeutic massage services regularly can alleviate body pain, inflammation, and discomfort and improve your productivity at work.

Your search for the best couples massage in Boise, ID, ends here. Our therapeutic massage in Boise, ID, is a feel-good way to pamper yourself. Whole Being Massage tries to identify each client's unique needs and wellness goals and creates a customized treatment plan to address them. Whether you are looking for a stress buster or suffer from a specific pain condition, we can help you. Call 208-713-6562 now for appointments.

Therapeutic Massage Boise ID
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Therapeutic Massage Boise ID
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Therapeutic Massage Boise ID Therapeutic Massage Boise ID