Clenching Migraine Santa Monica

Clenching Migraine Santa Monica

People begin suffering from migraines as early as in their pre-teen years and continue to live with it as though it is a natural part of life. Little do they know that the condition may only worsen over time if they do not get the correct diagnosis and treatment. Migraines can take a lot from your life because you cannot enjoy time with friends or family without the inevitable headaches.

You do not have to sacrifice your life and feel defeated when you can book service to diagnose the clenching migraine in Santa Monica. Sometimes, the headache is only a result of a problem with your jaw and may need a few simple treatments to resolve. Are headaches a jaw issue? The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research states that a simple diagnosis should be able to identify TMD as the cause of your migraines, so you can get treatments and lifestyle changes to alleviate the issues fast.

Understanding how the jaw may cause tension headaches

It is not easy to understand the reason behind headaches and migraines caused by jaw problems because several neural pathways and nerves are connecting the facial structure and the head. Additionally, one condition may worsen over time and trigger completely different symptoms. It is necessary to go through treatment and diagnosis to differentiate between underlying issues like a degenerative joint problem, an internal joint issue, or myofascial functions connected to the jaw.

What causes clenching jaw migraines?

  • The jaw is always in perfect balance to prevent clicking, popping, and stickiness. Inflammation of the joint could cause the discs to change positions and create inflammation that triggers a headache. The specific causes of clenching migraines may include the following:
    Excessive chewing
  • Tight muscles that add strain
  • A bad bite
  • Poor posture
  • Teeth grinding
  • Trauma to the neck, head, or jaw
  • Osteoarthritis

Many different things are challenging to diagnose but still migraines, so we recommend that you be in touch with The Office of Dr. David Shirazi so we can track down the specific causatives through elimination.

Treating clenching migraines

Medical treatment - Doctors and physicians have several medical tools and procedures to treat a clenching migraine. These may include bite guards to adjust the teeth and control the disorder or medication to reverse conditions that make the problem persist.

Orthodontic surgery

Lifestyle changes and medication are not enough to treat deep-seated and lengthy clenching migraines. You may need our orthodontic procedures to alter your bite and prescribe better treatment options. These surgeries may play a key role in improving the blood flow to the jaw and allowing you to have relaxed muscles to stop the headaches.

TMJ has a range of both invasive and non-invasive solutions to relieve your jaw and migraine complications. We may add a couple of different therapies and migraine devices to strengthen the jaw at home and continue to adjust it until you eradicate the teeth grinding headaches.

Are you tired of living life with a headache and want to learn whether TMJ treatment is for you? Contact us to schedule an appointment or schedule an in-person at our reception desk.

Clenching Migraine Santa Monica

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Clenching Migraine Santa Monica Clenching Migraine Santa Monica